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September 2, 2013

Hays is a wonderful school with a top notch staff. There is not another school I would want to send my kids to. It is funny that a couple of the posts above mine contradicted. One said there was way too much homework and one that said there was not enough. I have 3 kids at Hays. Each one had homework but not too much. We have had few problems, but as soon as I brought attention to them, they were promptly taken care of. To the poster that said her child was bullied, the staff has sent out multiple things over the years stating that they will not tolerate it. Kids will be kids but if you didn't bring it to the teacher's attention...don't blame it on them. No school is perfect but Hays is as close as you get!!!

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October 3, 2012

My kids have been in Hayes since kindergarten and all of us have loved it! I feel safe with my kids in this school because the staff know who I am and what children belong to me. Nurse Baker is probably my favorite person there because she is so good with my kids and is more like a family friend rather than a school nurse. However, now that my kids are getting older, they are being bullied because they don't have the money that most of these kids do. Alot of the kids in this school are so snobby that even my kids are harassed because we have a gravel driveway instead of what they call "a real driveway." So the school is wonderful but you better come from money or your child's experience wont be completely pleasant.

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August 11, 2011

You got to be kidding! The principal and her AP, are totally WOW! From the front office, all the way to the kinder hall you feel the joy and peace of every staff member! They are the most helpful, kind, respectful, and professional staff I have ever dealt with in 15 ys of experience working as a teacher!! ( I don't work at Hays, by the way!) I love and respect everyone! Even the cleaning specialists are role models of professionalism, kindness, respect, and pride!

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May 24, 2011

I 100% love this school. My son started kindergarden in 2009-2010 yr in a town west of dallas. He has ADHD and speech disorders. At the end of that year he still could not read anymore than what I was able to teach him at home. We moved to Rockwall for the 2010-2011 yr. He started Celia Hay and he has improved so much I can't explain. He went from under developed to ready for 1st grade in just this year. It has been amazing. The teacher are so friendly and nice. The parent involement is outstanding. I can not express enough how wonderful this school is.

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April 26, 2011

Hays Elementary is an extraordinary school with excellent teachers and staff. As we attended another area school before Hays opened, we have been able to see for ourselves the difference with this exemplary school. The teachers are caring and extremely invested in making sure their children have the tools to succeed. The principal and vice-principal obviously are so invested in ensuring each child is learning everything they can, is challenged, and is enjoying these young years in school. I am so proud that my kids are testing so well and understanding hard concepts already. I see it in them as they are excited and attacking their homework. I see it when they run to tell me after their first TAKS test that they "nailed it". I could not be more pleased in the skills they've learned at this wonderful school. Definitely an impressive school and staff!!

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April 20, 2010

I have been very happy with Celia Hayes. I have children in second and third grade. I disagree with a previous review, in that my third grader brings home a lot of homework. In fact, they have numerous at home projects. I also have been very pleased with the level of kindness from teachers and staff. They have numerous activities and functions to keep parents involved. We moved to Rockwall specifically for the schools and my children have been happy and seem to be challenged and inspired here :)

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May 28, 2009

My daughters go to school at Hayes. I am very impressed with the leadership and the caliber of instruction they have received. I feel very fortunate to have such a great school near by.

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May 6, 2009

Celia Hays Elementary deserves much higher praise. The teachers and staff are excellently qualified and have demonstrated true caring and compassion for the students. Students are offered numerous enrichment opportunities, scheduled to accomodate the majority of students. The principal is open to discussion and new ideas for improving the school. The children exhibit great pride in their school and are happy and thriving at Celia Hays. If parents aren't happy here, I suggest homeschooling. It doesn't get much better than Celia Hays.

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January 18, 2009

My daughter attends the tuition PreK here and I am hightly disappointed. My oldest did the Prek program also and it was so much better 2 years ago, at a different campus. This school is full of staff who are cold and unfriendly. I am so very thankful this is not our home campus. Rockwall has such a great reputation and Celia Hays must have missed the memo that parental involvement and friendly staff are what make the schools so great. I cannot wait to be done with this school year. My youngest will not be attending the school next year.

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May 28, 2008

I am a bit disappointed. We moved here this year and for the entire year (3rd grade) my son has never had homework. When I asked the teacher about it she said it is the 'principal's policy'. I was given the impression that the principal believes most kids don't have time for homework after school. Maybe I'm old fashioned or not with the times because I don't schedule every hour of my kid's time after school full of dance, sports or other extra curricular activities. Instead I have been assigning my own homework. The 'projects' they do in class require expensive ($30-$100) supplies. Definitely not impressed.

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August 30, 2007

Although Celia Hays Elementary has only been open for four days, I am very impressed with the teachers I've met and the overall look of the school. My son is attending the tuition-based Pre-K program and is excited about going to see his teacher every morning. I am glad that Mrs. Moore has shown him that going to school is not scary, but fun. The school looks beautiful and has an open feel unlike some of the older schools in the district. Though Hays is not our home school, we will miss seeing this great school everyday.

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