Paul Fritz

Oakwood Elementary School8

Oakwood, TX | Leon County


October 8, 2009

I think that Oakwood has made exceptional improvements. Though this school has previously had its run through of staff and administration, the past couple of years have been stable. I have faith it will continue to get better. More parents should get involved. That's where most of the problem originates.

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January 15, 2008

This school has had many problems within the last couple of years. In the last two years there have been a total of 4 principles and 5 teachers have left.

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December 9, 2004

I'm glad the children at Oakwood have a 'no homework' policy this year. I like the safe hometown feel here. I am concerned though. Children need to feel important by being treated important. School is ALL about THEM. There is a lot of inconsistent and negative discipline. Angry eyebrows,loud voices say lots. Pick a consequence and stick with it( miss recess). Older elem. children get no recess. Behaving children need recesses (with enforced rules),an excellent way to REWARD good behavior. They need more choices on the playground like bars and balls, jump ropes. I believe the teachers need to get excited about teaching, interested in their students, and make school more fun. I also wish that parent participation was encouraged (begged for)in CLASS. Also free time for K's to play with blocks, singing,allowed messy painting,drawing for free expression, maybe stations, certainly more structure and more evaluations before report card time.

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December 2, 2003

My child is currently in Kindergarten and I am disappointed in the strict nature of the teachers. The kids take home homework (in kindergarten?) and are required to have a 90% attendence. Since kindergarten is not required by the state I don't understand this policy let alone the fact that children are prone to getting sick on average this time in their lives. This is my child's first time in an environment like this and he's having a hard time coping. I thought kindergarten was supposed to be fun?

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